Italy-USA Foundation-A Friendly Step Towards New Destiny

Peace and friendship is real wholesome of world. So, to make it strong, Italy-USA Foundation was established on 4th July 2005.The major objective behind this foundation development was:

  • To promote the friendship between Italians and Americans
  • To promote American culture in Italy

This was a non-profit organization established in Italy. The foundation organized a meeting between Italian members of Parliament and US Senators to discuss about legislation and cultural issues, partnership with the American Legislative Exchange Council. The foundation cooperated with many American universities, like Loyola University, Chicago for projects, conferences and staging.

The Italy-USA Foundation promoted the America Award, recognition under the sponsorship of the President of the Italian Republic. This award is awarded to acknowledge and encourage work aimed to favor relationships between Italy and the United States of America.

Thus, was a vital foundation path between America and Italy adds a new hope in world peace and development.