Music Reviews On Online

Internet is wonderful resource for music lovers. Because there are numerous music review sites on the web, with many merely being blog like rants or uninformative fans spewing unwarranted praise. If you are a music lovers share my views.

  • Pitchfork Media is a one of the Internet’s best known music review sites generally it covers a wide array of music, from indie-pop and alt country, to electronica and hardcore. Sometimes it makes for incredible and informative reads, while other times it merely comes off verbose and tiresome, with not enough focus on the music.
  • Metacritic is another music resource on online, generally Metacritic does not offer original review material, but instead combines ratings from numerous sources to create an overall rating. Reviews from websites like Pitchfork Media.
  • Jazz Review, generally Jazz Review offers a massive amount of info on the world of Jazz music. Whether you are looking for some new discs to buy, a concert to attend, or just some Jazz info, Jazz Review is a great resource.
  • Coke Machine Glow offers reviews of a wide range of mostly independent acts. Their reviews not only show the initial reviewer’s rating of the album, but a combined rating based on the opinions of the entire staff

So go throw these websites and find whatever you want good luck.

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