ctnuser4 on April 22nd, 2009

Internet is wonderful resource for music lovers. Because there are numerous music review sites on the web, with many merely being blog like rants or uninformative fans spewing unwarranted praise. If you are a music lovers share my views. Pitchfork Media is a one of the Internet’s best known music review sites generally it covers […]

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ctnuser4 on February 16th, 2009

I enjoy playing guitar and the best job in learning guitar is with the basics. Playing guitar can be fun and easy for the people with interest. I will be offering tips and give reviews where the guitar passionate people can easily learn lessons. I learnt to play it on my own, however the majority […]

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ctnuser4 on January 27th, 2009

It is astonishing to hear that they fooled millions of people who were watching the inaugural function of President Obama, live. I don’t know how they dared to do that; but they did that already. The music, which was played in President Obama’s inaugural function, is not live! They played a recorded music in background […]

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