Music At President’s Inauguration Is Not Live!

It is astonishing to hear that they fooled millions of people who were watching the inaugural function of President Obama, live. I don’t know how they dared to do that; but they did that already.

The music, which was played in President Obama’s inaugural function, is not live! They played a recorded music in background and acted before us that they are playing the music. They said that the cold weather had become a major constraint for tuning their instruments and they had to yield to act like playing the music while a record in background played actual music.

What should I call this play as? Lip-Syncing? A classical play? How would it be if we called it as instrumental syncing?

Whatever may be the name for this, the thing what musicians did that morning of the inauguration is simply fooling the people.

I wouldn’t have minded if they have provided good music at least. But even the music they played was not at all good.