Online Videos Have some Influence On Jewelry Purchase

In a survey, nearly half of people say manufacturer Web sites have some or great influence on their jewelry or watch purchase, and 43.4 percent say the same thing regarding about jeweler or retailer Web sites.

Consumers also indicated online video as an impact in their recent purchases, of which most of them are younger male watch buyers. Online video is fast evolving into a more popular advertising vehicle, particularly for marketers of style products. Most of the videos identified online for watches are same like mini-movies more than advertisements. The study identifies that for one in five male jewelry/watch buyers are between ages 18 to 24. Online video provides more than entertainment. It influences what they buy or where they buy it.

Other important observations from the survey are:

  • 50.9 percent of U.S. adults between 25-34 say that they purchased jewelry or a watch recently.
  • About 84 percent of consumers give more preference to purchase jewelry or watches in a store as opposed to online.
  • At the store, 63.5 percent rate store reputation and 65.9 percent rate the sales staff as key factors in their purchases.
  • 47.9 percent of recent jewelry or watch purchasers were impressed by information or advertising from newspapers. Magazines, television, and direct mail were also among the very influential traditional media.
  • More than 20 percent of shoppers consider cause or charity support provided by a manufacturer or store to be little bit or very important. That number increases to 25 percent for African-American consumers.

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