How Women And Self Purchasers Influence Jewelry Market

Jewelry market will have influence of both women and self purchasers. It provides benefits to both of them.

When shopping is considered, women manages the purse strings of America. It has been evaluated that women influence about 95% of all purchase decisions made in the U.S., and they indeed make nearly 85% of those purchases by themselves.

Today’s American woman not only has control of her household’s expenditure, but she also has most of her own desirable income than ever before, particularly in households with two wage earners.

At present, nearly two-thirds of jewelry sales in America are related to particular annual calendar events. For instance, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas are important calendar selling seasons for jewelers. Shoppers also purchase jewelry to commemorate birthdays, anniversaries, and other important milestone events. These sales are handled by an external lifestyle event which usually happens annually.

Only about one third of all jewelry sold for an occasion is not related to a specific calendar period. These special occasions are usually a reward for obtaining a bonus or a promotion. Moreover, jewelry is sometimes purchased for no specific occasion. For instance, women just finds a piece of jewelry attractive enough to purchase it for themselves.

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