Offering Your Customers Gift Cards

Every customer was confused when they decide what to purchase discerning friends and family members. Gift cards are the popular new way to profit from the frustration of gift-buying. According to the National Retail Federation, customers spent more than 25 billion dollars on gift cards during the 2006 holiday season. While gift certificates are often considered a last resort, modern gift cards are marketed as a fashionable way to offer choice to the recipient. Along the same lines, cards are also easy to display near cash registers. When you establish your own gift cards, first you need to determine the style of card; this should match your store’s image and perhaps even align with the decor. It should present your logo and the name of your business. And the right packing and design should attract the costumer.

It is easiest and safest for your store and your employees to have the cashier activate the cards. You can either print cards in various denominations or have the cashier issue the amount as requested by the customer. Here are some suggestions to sell gift cards effectively. Vary the denominations in order to offer the buyer adequate choices. Ensure that all personnel are well versed on how the gift card or certificate is to be issued and redeemed. Use the credit system for the remaining amount whether the card is automatically updated or it is done by hand. Number your cards or certificates for recordkeeping purposes and to avoid fraud. While gift cards and certificates may not appear to move inventory quickly, they do allow for those shoppers who cannot find the right gift to leave your retail establishment with a purchase.

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