Statistics Of Online Shopping For Graduation Gifts

Gifts are of various types. They can be presented on any occasion. Generally graduation gifts are used for presenting to the persons who complete their graduation.

According to the survey of Price Grabber, an online comparison shopping site, stated that 59% of the people will do online shopping for at least half of their graduation gifts. From the consumers who are planning to shop online for more than half of the graduation gifts, 41% of the people will make the purchases less than half on the web,34% will do more than half of their online shopping and the rest 25% will do at least half of the shopping online.

According to the study, among online consumers who are planning to spend money on graduation gifts, 73% are planning to the present the practical gifts, which can be used for their future like laptops, clothing, books needed for interviews. And the remaining 15% plan to give enjoyable gifts.

Coming to online consumers of graduation gift giving, 79% will try to save money while doing graduation shopping by comparing the prices, 32% will buy graduation gifts only on sale and 35% will save money by using the coupons.

This survey has been conducted for 2,111 online consumers.

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