Europe Blocks US Toxic Products

US noninterference of toxic substances like lead in lipsticks, mercury in electronics, and phthalates in baby toys, are considered to pose unfavorable reaction to health, and also on economic and political grades in the world. Europe initiated strict new regulations, which need companies exploring access to their profitable markets should expel toxic substances and produce safer electronics, automobiles, toys and cosmetics.

Dangerous toxic chemicals were recognized through the European Union’s 2007 Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) law.

Many companies located in the US manufacture or import hundreds of chemicals considered as hazardous by the European Union. Out of the 267 chemicals identified in the potential REACH list, grouped by the International Chemical Secretariat in Sweden, only one third have regularly been tested by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and only two are controlled in any form under US law.

Due to the contrast between US deregulation and the publicizing of European model of regulation, the US has accumulated toxic materials like toxic toys, electronics and cosmetics.