Illicit Drug Availability Trends In Recent Years

Trafficking, use of illicit drugs, non-medical use of controlled prescription drugs, laundering of proceeds generated through illicit drug sales are some common trends which are noticed in recent years. Domestic drug trafficking gangs have played significant role in the illicit drug trade. This effort results to increase drug production and distribution in the United States.

In recent years, following drug availability trends were noticed:

  • Lower prices and elevated numbers of heroin-related overdoses shows that heroin is easily available illicit drugs. According to U.S. Government estimates, 17 pure metric tons of heroin was available in 2007 whereas 38 pure metric tons in 2008.
  • Methamphetamine availability increased in US drugs market because of sustain and higher domestic production in Mexico.
  • Higher production in Mexico results in in increased flow of the drug across the Southwest Border and Arizona
  • MDMA availability is increased in United States because of Asian drug trafficking organizations. These groups cultivate drugs in Canada and smuggle it to Northern Border of United States.
  • Shortage of cocaine is noticed in U.S market since 2007. This shortage was occurred because of the decreased cocaine production in Colombia and increased worldwide demand of cocaine.

Drug report of 2010 is full of surprises. This shows the high availability of Heroin and huge shortage of Cocaine in U.S drug market. This report was developed with help of many agencies data and field interviews.