DAT Introduces Newer Drug Testing Products to Better Serve Customers

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Drug Alcohol Test supporting drug testing needs of individuals and organizations introduced newer drug test products to better serve its customers.

Drug Alcohol Test which is a well recognized professionally managed business firm has introduced convenient and reliable newer drug testing products to better serve its customers.

To better serve its customers, DAT introduced a new advanced EZ Test Cup II which is convenient and helps to get accurate results. The EZ Test Cup II with hinged lid has new integrated test variants that offer better quality of results at the same price. The efficient design of the EZ Test Cup II makes testing easier at homes, offices, events etc. As home users apart from organizations and institutions constitute a major portion of customer base of DAT, the EZ Test Cup II with simplified procedures will benefit employees and individuals who feel comfortable in privacy of their homes and offices.

Some of the new drug testing products offered by DAT are CLIA waived tests. As CLIA regulates all laboratory testing systems in US and require extensive documentation, the laboratories have to work in compliance with CLIA. However, these newer drugs testing products from DAT which are CLIA waived does not require extensive documentation and can be performed easily.

Besides these newer products, DAT also offers integrated test kits and a selection of Nicotine test kits, Alcohol test kits, Pregnancy test kits, and Urine adulteration detection test kits which are of high quality, approved by FDA, and adhere to SAMHSA cutoff levels. A wide variety of Breathalyzers are also offered by DAT.

DAT has also expanded its range of oral drug tests and now includes oral drug tests in different test formats. The customers can now have a wide range of selection of oral drug tests which can be easily performed at workplaces, home, schools etc. As oral drug tests are easy to administer, tamper proof, less invasive, and provide quick results, they are most suitable for employee drug testing at workplaces and in schools.

The new drug testing kits are affordable for corporate customers, home users, employees, and schools etc.

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