Know about US Online Shopping Trends

As per Nielsen survey, consumer confidence in the U.S. improved by one index point from 84 to 85 which is two points off its pre-recession.

American’s Shopping trends
About half of online shopping, Americans go for stores which can only be shopped online. 31% of the Canadian online shoppers prefer online-only sites and 19% those who have physical stores.

American and Canadian web shoppers almost have identical list of products and services that are favored. In the next 6 months online purchases are likely to be tagged for books, clothing and airline tickets.

In the next 6 months on making purchases online, one-third of the online Canadians say that they do not plan on making an online purchase in the next 6 months. This is more than one-fifth online American’s expressed the same. According to the fact, 28% of connected Canadian customers said that they have never shopped online in comparison with 15% Americans. Online product reviews are useful for 42 percent of Americans and 40 percent of Canadian online shoppers.