Mobile Marketing by Sharing Short code in US

Text messaging in short code is very modern and popular advertising method to improve a business. Now, mobile marketing is most successful advertising method because it is affordable and easy to use. This service is very popular in United States, because of that reason SMS campaigns started by mobile marketing company to send the offers of the products and services through the cell phones. An interactive SMS application is provided by the company to send the SMS from website or from personal computer. SMS can be sent to almost all mobile carrier. This SMS campaigns are using many things like SMS voting,SMS polling, game, wallpaper, ring tones, SMS contest and for more.

Short code: Short code is five or six digit short code number. Mobile marketing company provides short code message which is sent to the customers. SMS can be sent with short code digit along with company or brand key word apart from company offers, discounts and other things, those can be ring tones, wallpaper, videos, songs, game and others. People can respond to short code number. Your company or brand short code number can be advertised in new paper, television and other media. Your company will be identified by brand short code, you may get unexpected sales in your business.

Shared short code: There are two types of short code such as dedicated short code and shared short code. It is easy to set up the shared short code and when you sign up with any short code provider then you can get it. You need to wait for two months of time to get started in dedicated short code and it is more expensive than shared short code.

So in this way, you can send short code message to various customers to promote the business or to develop the business.