Auto Industry Will Develop Electric Batteries for Vehicles

Most of the Americans are reducing the dependence on oil and showing interest towards the electric cars. Even the advantages like cost and security are also met using the electric cars.

The members of the administration of the country are supporting and promoting initiatives for the development of the electric vehicle industry. The president of the nation Mr. Barack Obama has announced that United States will make 40% of the world’s markets advanced batteries which will be used for the automotives by 2015. According to US Department of the energy(DOE), the percentage of the electric driven batteries is even less than 2% as of now.

The traditional liquid or polymer electrolyte lithium-ion technology may not be sufficient for providing the necessary performance of the electric vehicle and also the liquid electrolytes which are present makes them unsafe and unstable. Along with offering less safety measures, the maintenance of the battery will be expensive and improved one. So, instead of this, a different and new technology will be used for making the electric vehicles is going to be marketed. $106 millions were granted by the DOE’s Advanced Research Project Agency-Energy Initiative (ARPA-E), for the project of the energy research during the early stages of this year which includes , $35 million for the Batteries for electric energy Storage in Transportation (BEEST) program and which in turn produces ultra high density, low cost battery technologies for changing the vehicles from hybrid to electric vehicles.

Better approaches suggested by BEEST will be lithium metal air and the solid state lithium which are used for the making of the electric vehicles.