Among SMEs the Confidence in SaaS Increases in UK

According to a recent survey conducted by Really Simple Systems, small and medium sized businesses are hastening the process of using hosted applications than ever. Between March 2009 and March 2010, there was an increase in confidence in hosted applications in the small and medium sized organizations about 62 percent with less than 50 employees.

According to the survey, it confirmed that hosted CRM continues to shine brighter than ERP, HR, Payroll and Manufacturing as the preferred SaaS extending for SMEs. There is an improvement in the offerings and penetration in the SME market in ERP, Payroll, Manufacturing and HR, but they are continuing to lag behind.

Around 67 percent of respondents reported that they were confident in hosted CRM. About 41 percent were using CRM applications. Only around 13 percent of the respondents were using ERP SaaS applications. Just about 39 percent reported confidence in hosted ERP applications.

As per the survey, about half of the respondents felt confident about speed, reliability, functionality and data safety of SaaS applications as they give in-house offerings.