Technology Trends in Sports

Day by day, there is a continuous change in sports world. In modern days, using technology has made an impact on many sports like other fields. There is no limit for improvement in technology in any field.

To help the umpires and judges: Instant replays and other high tech aids are used in most of the professional sports in United Sports, they help in taking the right decision. Replay systems are used by basketball judges to make sure that players are with in the time. This system is used by umpires in cricket in certain situations like disputed catches and boundaries. Generally, replays are used to decide the off side decisions.

Soccer goal line technology: In soccer, there is a need for goal line technology like TV replays which show the past wrong decisions which were given by judge. Instructions about four criteria are given by the International Football Association Board to see in goal line systems.

  • Technology should be applied only to goal line decisions.
  • Such system must be accurate.
  • The signal which is sent to the judge with out delay.
  • The signal is communicated to the match officials.

The network of receivers around the field is used by the technology of the companies. This technology is designed to track the precise position of the ball in real time.

Hawk eye technology: Hawk eye is computer system which is used in some sports like cricket, tennis and other sports to track the path of the ball visually. This system is used in soccer as well. A camera is used by hawk eye, it takes the 600b frames per second on the goal line. Computer analyzes the information and it is sent to the headset of the judges.

Computer software: There are several software packages. They help the professionals to organize the data and produce the reports.

There is no place or field with out using technology in the world. It is essential to get speed, clarity and perfection.