Most Small Businesses Remain Non-Adopters of Websites

According to a survey ‘The Discover Small Business Watch’, only 38 percent of small businesses have a website, with remaining 62% not even having online presence, it is only 3% decrease since 2007.

Other findings of the survey

  • Only 45% of the people who have online presence, promote their businesses
  • 40% of owners use e-mail to promote their businesses
  • Coming to the number of hours spent by owners, for business related activities, 42% say they spend three or more hours, 29% are online for less than an hour, 21% for 1 to 2 hours, and 5 % aren’t sure.

But experts are of opinion that Internet marketing is very cheap and important for business development. The following are the suggestions given by the experts for small business owners to increase their online presence.

  • Find a web design and a web designer
  • Tell customers where you are
  • Establish your unique voice in the crowd
  • Communicate frequently
  • Get started with Internet marketing