Small Businesses Hiring More IT Professionals

The small business survey, 2010, conducted by, revealed that 61% of small business have plan to increase their investments in IT, with 38% directing their investment in appointing IT freelancers. The survey also found that 42% of them are fulfilling their IT needs through recruiting IT freelancers, with only 18% of them planning to hire in-house staff.

Most of the respondents are finding freelancers as a convenient option because, 35% of them felt that they did not require full time employee for the job, 22% said that it was easy to find freelancers with high skills, 16% of them said that they need freelancers only for extra workload, 14% said that it was highly expensive to recruit in-house personnel. 20% of the respondents in the survey were from IT industry.

The website also conducted another survey on the top five IT skills, which are of high demand now. It found that PHP, SEO or link building, WordPress, Joomla and iPhone Apps. were of high demand. MYSQL, HTML, .NET developer and ASP.NETdeveloper were required less.