What are the Uses of Barcodes Apart from Tracking Inventory

You can find barcode scanners and printers in each and every industry, that are used to track the stock and check the products, which are moved in and around the business premises.

Barcode is the device that is used to read the information, which is presented in the barcode labels. Barcode printer is used to print the barcodes on labels or tags. Many business owners are holding barcode technology to track the inventory, due to recent advancements in technology and the massive price reductions in the value of the barcode printers and scanners. Not only for tracking inventory, there are many uses of barcodes, such as:

Tracing paper work or invoices: You can use the barcode with the help of the quality point of sale software on each invoice, receipt, purchase order, credit note, or any alternative paperwork. You can scan the barcode on the page instead of doing manual wok, if you need to enter an invoice number or if any customer brings back the item. It easy to manage the paperwork and it improves the accuracy.

Tracking workers: Staff can be tracked through employment of employee cards, on which barcodes are printed. It improves the tracking accuracy for payroll and security as well.

Tracking customers: You can assign a client loyalty card with a printed barcode on it in order to track the customers. You can simply scan their card and track customers’ purchases every time, when they purchase the things. It is a convenient and secure process instead of taking the name or phone number as the means of the tracking. Many of them do not like to say their phone numbers and names.

These are the uses of the barcodes for many businesses or stores apart from tracking the inventory.