Facts to be Known About THC

Marijuana drug test is conducted at home, schools, and other organizations to check the drug abused people. It is done as a part of drug-free education program. Marijuana is an illegal drug which is used by most people in the United States. It is necessary for parents to know about the effects of marijuana on health to avoid their children from the drug abuse.

Marijuana consists of an active component called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The compound binds to specific receptors in brain which are termed as cannabinoid receptors. A psychoactive reaction is caused by THC which when consumed at low dosage causes pain reduction, reduces aggression and nausea, and stimulates appetite. However, consumption of high dose of the drug causes dangerous health effects.

Long-term usage of marijuana increases amount of THC in the body. This affects respiratory, cardiovascular, and immune systems. Primarily, it affects nervous system causing alteration in coordination, balance, and memory. Suicidal tendencies, hallucinations, and other behavioral changes are observed in long-term marijuana users.

Once marijuana is consumed, it enters bloodstream and is distributed throughout the body. Fatty tissues of various organs absorb THC. Traces of THC after absorption are sent out through urine. Its metabolites are detected in urine during marijuana drug test.