Benefits of SMS Marketing For Small Businesses

Mobile advertising has become increasingly popular with the introduction of SMS (Short Message Service). Mobile marketing is also called as wireless marketing. The two main aspects of SMS marketing are promoting and growing the option list and then sending appropriate text offers to that list. Including HTML widget onto the website, blog, email blasts, helps the customers to sign up wherever they are. A business can offer mobile coupons to generate more sign ups. According to CTIA, 3.5 billion text messages are sent and received every day in USA.

Benefits of SMS marketing to the small businesses are here under:

  • Consumers and businesses are using SMS marketing tool to communicate with each other. It is seen as a technique to increase sales and benefit the business with coupons and discounts.
  • Small business owners recognized the importance of SMS marketing because other advertising and marketing methods are very costlier than this.
  • SMS marketing campaigns are doing well for small businesses, because the message is delivered to the customer directly.
  • One can send a text message that contains a coupon or a special discount offer, to increase the sales, customer frequency and customer loyalty.
  • Text messages sent through the SMS channel are read within 15 minutes and the average redemption rates across all businesses is 20 percent.
  • With the help of SMS marketing a small business can promote its product or service in the international markets.
  • The main advantage of SMS marketing for small businesses is, it is cheaper than the conventional advertising media.
  • Through Bulk SMS marketing a small business can reach a larger consumer base with in a short period of time.