Know About Application of 2D Barcodes in Driver’s License

Barcode systems are applicable in varied fields for different applications. Compared to linear barcodes, 2D barcodes are having wide applications. A 2D barcode is the barcode which stores information both horizontally and vertically. These barcodes can store larger amounts of data than linear ones. Specific barcode scanners are used for reading these 2D barcodes and these are called 2D barcode scanners. Many scanners like Symbol barcode scanners and others can read 2D barcode. This 2D barcode technology is being used in driver’s license.

The Department of Motor Vehicles of the United States prefer to use 2D barcode technology for storing personal information on a driver’s license. The information encoded on the license can be varied for various states. Most of them include the driver’s name, address, physical attributes and date of birth. Medical impairments and donor information may also be encoded on them. A 2D barcode can store as much as 2,000 bytes of data. So the license can also include a compressed image file of the driver’s photo and signature. Social security number, face recognition template or digital fingerprint are some other things which can be embedded in 2D barcodes of a driver’s license.

When an official scans the license of a driver by barcode readers like Symbol scanners, all the information about the driver can be tracked and verified.