Know About Virtual WAN Optimization

Virtual appliances are designed to optimize the delivery of advanced business applications and facilitate integration of the IT infrastructure in all the branch offices. Virtualized WAN optimization product bears same capabilities, including strengths and weaknesses as the original physical appliance based product.

WAN optimization vendors are able to offer flexible solutions for branch office boxes (BOBs), with the help of server virtualization, by providing WOCs as virtual appliances. One can make performance of cloud storage better by integrating the Virtual WAN Optimization software into the cloud gateway.

Benefits of the virtualized WAN optimization:

  • Virtualization facilitates integration of WAN optimization into the cloud. All the virtual servers of public cloud environment can download virtual WAN optimization appliances.
  • In some environments like extremely cold or hot temperatures etc., it may not be possible to deploy the hardware platform in appliance based WAN optimization offerings. In any given environment virtualized WAN optimization product helps the customer to easily download it to their own hardware.
  • In some countries government imposes heavy taxes on the hardware imports, in such situations importing only the virtualized software component can significantly reduce the amount of import duties in order to support operations in these countries.

Virtualized WOCs:
An advantage of virtual WOCs is that it is notably easier to download a virtual WOC than it is to ship a traditional hardware based appliance. For the WOC’s to make dynamic, virtualization is very important.

The application performance management (APM) helps in measuring the performance of the Virtualized wireless area network optimization.