The U.S. Small Businesses Prefer Free Online Shipping

A survey was conducted by Staples to know what 99% of the small business entrepreneurs want in terms of capital usage. The study reported that around 99 percent of the small business owners opted for free shipping.

Office supplies were bought online by every one business out of two small businesses according to the study. 86 percent of the respondents reported that time saving was one of the main benefits of online ordering. 50 percent of the respondents who did not perform online shopping were led back due to shipping costs.

It is important for the small businesses to have proper strategies and planning for the use of capital. Many small businesses have problems with lack of capital. The survey revealed that around 78 percent of the respondents had strong growth strategies. But the access to the capital and planning was observed in only 40%. About 63% of the respondents observed increased opportunities for growth.

According to the Second Quarter 2010 Insight Report, there was an increase in sales of small businesses. The number of deals done by small businesses rose by 6.3 percent in the second quarter of 2010. Online way of purchases might save some amounts for small businesses which could be used for other investments. This might increase the sales and performance of companies.