Various Regions in the World Involved in Spice Production

Spices are the aromatic parts of the plants that are used as ingredients in food to enhance color, flavor and aroma of the food. The plants producing spices are widely distributed across various geographies in the world. These trees are mostly found in semi tropical and moderate regions of the world. This is because each spice has different conditions for growth. Every tree needs different conditions of climate, soil, temperature, manure, etc. Hence, the production and availability of spices is restricted to particular areas only. But due to advancement in trading technologies, the availability of spices is not restricted to a particular area, as now we can buy spices online, sitting in any part of the world.

The concentration of various spices is found to be differing across various countries in the world. The major spice producing countries in the world are Israel, India and Egypt. The other countries which produce spices are Europe, France, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, China, Malaysia, Korea, etc.

Among the various countries, India and China are found to be the major producers of ginger and cumin, Indonesia and China are major producers of Cinnamon, Pepper is found to be produced majorly by India and Vietnam, Nutmeg by Indonesia and Grenade, Vanilla by Indonesia and Madagascar, Cardamom by India and Sri Lanka.

Due to the restricted availability of spices, these are available at higher prices, due to the shipping costs associated with the original costs, hence there are many online shops which sell wholesale spices, with low or no shipping costs.

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