Ford and Honda Top the Quality Survey in USA

In 2011, in the Car Brand Perception Survey, Honda and Ford occupied the top spots in the quality category of Consumer Reports. Honda stood first in the survey with 25 percent of the car owners participated in the survey naming Honda as the manufacturer with the best quality. Second place is secured by the Ford with 23 percent, Toyota dropped to the third place with 19 percent which is 11 percent less than previous year, Chevrolet is at fourth position with 16 percent and Mercedes Benz is at last place in top five positions having 15 percent of votes.

In the survey, on being asked about the most important factors to be considered in car buying decisions, 65 percent of the consumers chose safety, followed by quality at 57 percent, and value at 51 percent.

For the safety category Volvo is in the first place with 70 percent, pushing back Ford to the second place with 20 percent, Honda and Subaru were both at 17 percent and Mercedes at fifth with 14 percent.

For the value, the top five positions are secured by the Ford, Honda, Toyota, Hyundai and Chevrolet with respective percents of 25, 24, 23, 17 and 15.

In the survey, conducted for reliability, Honda and Toyota dominate the list, Ford is the most reliable American car maker, Chrysler is the lowest ranked car in the survey for reliability, The Porsche Boxster has the best predicted reliability in the survey, while the Audi A6 3.0T and Jaguar XF have the worst. The European car makers were found to improve their reliability.

The data for the survey is based on the subscribers to Consumer Reports and