Recent Trends in the Design of the Refrigerators

With the advancement in technology, refrigerators are available in different makes and models. Modern refrigerators come in a wide range of colors, designs and sizes. Following are the recent trends that influence the designs of modern refrigerators:

More Doors:
As most of the consumers are looking for the bottom freezer refrigerator design, the top freezer option and even the standard side by side might seem less desirable and the consumers are preferring the fridges with more doors. A well designed refrigerator might efficiently store more items per cubic feet but needs of the different consumers are different.

Interior Design:
Modern fridges have drawers for keeping food separate and fresh. Drawers are transparent and some designs include humidity temperature controlled crisper drawers for longer storage life of fruits and vegetables. Multiple climate zones can regulate several sections of refrigerators for meats, fish and other items. Some models come with an electronic high or low temperature alarm.

Exterior Design:
Some modern refrigerators are equipped with door dispenser which can provide with crushed ice, ice cubes. Some doors even come with beer taps. Refrigerators can also be covered with stainless steal or other colors and materials.

Second Refrigerators:
Most consumers are preferring to have a second refrigerator like beverage refrigerator or wine refrigerator which provides a convenient alternative resource in a busy kitchen. A second refrigerator can also be used to store overflow items.

Electric Displays:
Some refrigerator manufacturers are offering the fridges with electronic touch screens and computerized capabilities from voice messaging and radio to menus.