Father’s Imprisonment Increases the Risk of Child’s Marijuana Abuse

Drug Addiction and substance abuse are one among the major problems that are harming the present generation like any thing else. There are so many reasons for a child to get used to those illicit drugs and spoiling his own future.

A new study found a surprising reason for the children becoming marijuana abusers. A research conducted by Green State University reported an evidence of association between the father’s incarceration and the elevated risk for illegal drug use in adolescence. The increased number in the number of father’s getting imprisonment made the researchers work in that direction.

This study used the data collected from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, which followed a sample of adolescents from their early ages to mid 20’s and examined the connection between having an imprisoned father and marijuana and other illicit drug abuse .

Around 51% of the young men and 40% of young women, who are having an incarcerated father reported using marijuana when compared to 38% men and 28% women, whose fathers never got incarcerated. Biological father’s incarceration is also associated with the use of other illicit drugs like the cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine. They also exhibited elevated trajectories of marijuana usage that extended in their mid twenties.

The researchers also added that these cases are more among the poor and minority communities where there are frequent imprisonments for petty things. Study showed that 13% of the young adults in US report their fathers spent time in their childhood and this number shows the potential size of the problem.