Trends and Growth of Mobile Advertising in Europe

It is known that there has been a shift in advertising trends from traditional means to the use of internet. However, with the rise in technology, even mobile phones contribute to the marketing needs of businesses.

ad hostingAdvertising through mobile phones is termed as mobile advertising. The advent of the smartphones or 3G or apps ecosystem had accounted for the growth of mobile advertising.

For the first time, the trends and growth of mobile advertising was included in the IAB Europe’s AdEx survey. As per the survey, data was collected from only 12 markets. It was found that the mobile ad spend in those markets accounted for 2% to 3% of the total online ad spend in 2010.

Mobile display accounted for 11.4% in Finland, 3.5% in Italy, 3.1% in Spain, 2.8% in UK and Norway and 0.7% in Hungary. It was found that there was a massive lag between mobile Internet usage and advertising expenditure.

AdserverAbout 28% of the Internet time was spent on smartphones. 23 millions of the 45 million mobile users in the UK used m-commerce. This is, however, expected to experience a dramatic growth.

The time gap between search and purchase on the web is generally one month. However, it is only one hour on mobile. As such immediate conversions are possible with mobile phones, it is necessary for the advertisers to optimize the aspects of mobile technology to drive and expedite these purchases.

Ad server softwareMobile advertisers are advised to consider issues like providing right information for consumers, multi-screen accessibility, increased targeting, focus on customer rather than on technology and staying social. It is said that the mobile becomes the best device for brands to communicate with consumers by the breakdown of cost, content and connectivity barriers.