Essential Food Sources of Vitamin A

Required trace amounts of vitamins are enough to ensure perfect functioning of the body. Vitamins are generally classified as water soluble and fat soluble vitamins. Vitamin A, also called as retinol, is one of the fat soluble vitamins which is very much essential for ensuring healthy vision, bone growth, cell division and cell differentiation. It even enhances the immune system as it aids in producing disease-fighting white blood cells. Read on to know the various food sources of vitamin A.

Vitamin A is rich in animal food sources including beef, chicken, fish, eggs, cheese and sea foods. Liver and liver pate of any animal is a rich source of vitamin A. It is mostly found in the form of retinol and is often converted to retinal (aldehyde form) and retinoic acid (acid form).

However, in various plant sources, it is found as a provitamin called carotenoids. They get converted to vitamin A after reaching your body. Excellent plant sources include orange, yellow and green vegetables and fruits. Orange, apple, watermelon, plum, blackberry, peach, kiwi, apricot, mango and cantaloupe are the essential fruit sources of vitamin A. Coming to vegetables, vitamin A is found in carrot, pumpkin, peas, spinach, broccoli, sweet potato, tomatoes, turnip, wheat germ, mustard green, aloe vera, collards, etc. Crisp, fresh and delicious dark leafy greens are considered to be the best sources of vitamin A and ensure perfect maintenance of eye health. However, remember that raw fruits and vegetables have high content of vitamin A when compared to cooked or fried ones. Consider the importance of vitamin A for your overall health and be sure to include these sources in your daily diet routine.