Students Prefer Marijuana to Alcohol

Marijuana is an illicit drug abused by many of the people in the present society. The number of the people using that harmful drug are increasing every day with the increase in the population. Hence, marijuana abuse treatment admissions are also increasing. Many state governments are taking various measures in controlling the abuse of the drug but they are not that effective. Let us see what the experts say about the use of marijuana.

An rehabilitation officer from Caura Hospital, attended a seminar on alcohol abuse conducted by fellowship members of Alcoholics Anonymous. In this seminar Mr. Ojeer, the rehabilitation officer responded to the members of public about the questions asked about substance abuse.

Mr. Ojeer, addressed to the public that the preferred drug of secondary school students is marijuana but not the alcohol. The reason behind the preference is marijuana use is, it easy to conceal in and outside the classroom. He find the people who come for treatment to them are as young as 16-17 years old.

He also mentioned the adverse effects of certain drugs, stating that while crack cocaine and cocaine affect the body instantaneously, marijuana takes a longer period. It stays in the system for three days and more to go through it. In case of abusing it, it may show even more negative effects on the body, he added.

After facing a number of addicts every day he admitted that for tax payers it costs $800 a day to treat a recovering addict and he himself teaches those affected people how to cope up and to recover.

From these facts, one has to be careful with growing children and parents need to supervise the habits of their children most particularly when they are in teen age.