Premier Glow Offers Wide Glow Stick Color Selection

Collierville, TN (October 25, 2011) – Premier Glow, a leading online supplier of glow sticks, party novelties and light up toys is offering wide glow stick color selection, enabling its customers to choose from a variety of colors.

Looking for an appropriate colored glow stick to match your outfit? Planning to add mesmerizing color to the decoration of your party? Or do you want to cheer your favorite team using matching colored glow sticks? Whatever the purpose may be, you are never disappointed as glow sticks of various colors are just a click away. Check, which is offering glow sticks in various colors.

Already popular for its wide assortment of glow products at cheaper rates, Premier Glow leaves no reason for its customers to complain. It is offering glow sticks in 9 different colors – red, blue, green, orange, white, purple, pink, aqua and yellow. These colors are available in various sizes of glow sticks ranging from 6 to 12 inches including mini glow sticks of 1.5 inches.

A spokesperson for Premier Glow said, “Our aim is to make our store a one stop shop for glow sticks and other glow products. Hence, we are offering glow sticks and other products in all the possible colors and varieties. On visiting our site, customers can get whatever they need without having to search for other retailers. Many of our competitors do offer glow products, but the selection is limited.”

He further added, “Our business is a proven example of easy and convenient shopping for our customers. Right from offering glow products at affordable prices to huge varieties of products and colors, and effective shipping, every element of our business is customer friendly.”

Premier Glow has been continuously expanding its product line by adding new glow products and light up toys. Apart from glow sticks, other glow products offered by Premier Glow include glow necklaces, rings, bracelets, glow swords, wands, confetti cannons, holiday toys (for Halloween, 4th of July, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.), light up toys, head wears, flashing tiaras, light up barware, promotional products, LED products and a whole range of night golf material. All these products are available at wholesale prices.

Assuring customers a wide variety of good quality and safe products, Premier Glow is all set to be an obvious choice for purchasing party novelties.

About Premier Glow: The Tennessee based Premier Glow offers a wide section of quality glow sticks, flashing novelties, light up toys and all LED toys at affordable prices. Their glow toys include night golf balls, glow necklaces, glow bracelets, light up hats and more. Special prices for glow sticks bulk orders.

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