Glow Sticks Can Replace Candles in Jack o Lanterns

Jack-o-lantern is a specially carved pumpkin which is typically designed for the festive season of Halloween. The benefits of carving a pumpkin in to ghostly appearances is that during day time they can be seen as normal ghosts and when it turns dark people put some candle light in to the pumpkin, which makes it look really scary and almost like a real ghost face. Now the issue here is the candles which are placed inside the pumpkins light for some time. Moreover, they glow in single color and are not safe for children.

From many years the tradition of carving a pumpkin in the shape of a ghost is continuing and still it is popular till today to have at least one such light source for Halloween. Many people conduct competitions for the best carved pumpkins during this fest and use those collected pumpkins for their decorations. The effective use of reliable light sources can make the pumpkins fill the spaces in more authentic way which helps people in maintaining the old traditions alive for longer time.

My point here is why not to use glow sticks instead of candles to make the pumpkin light? As glow sticks are already there with us for our Halloween party celebrations we can use them effectively to place in jack-o-lanterns to make their use even more safer. You can undoubtedly replace the candles with glow sticks and can use them as usual. The benefits of using glow sticks are glow sticks glow for longer periods, they are available in various colors, glow sticks do not use any kind of external energy source, safe to use in any climatic conditions and so on. After seeing these many benefits of glow sticks over the traditional candle light, I believe many of you may use this trick for your next Halloween decorations and will have a safe Halloween.