Importance of Portable Ventilators

A Portable Ventilator is a machine that helps the patient to breath when they are suffering with the respiratory illness. These small devices can be used at homes and carried to other locations. This machine greatly pushes air into the lungs, when it is needed. Pressure sensor on the portable ventilator can alert a patient and distribute air if breathe is skipped.

A portable ventilator should be light in weight, robust, and able to function in damaging environments with little maintenance. Most portable ventilators displays the oxygen concentrations selected by the operator and do not measure that delivered by the ventilator.

Portable ventilators that assist spontaneous breathing to the patient are more complex and generally require microprocessor control. These are devices which are developed to provide mechanical ventilation in situations where electricity is unavailable. Due to modern engineering methods, they have become more sophisticated.

Ideal portable ventilator include oxygen and battery supplies. It should also have gas and electricity supplies sparingly. It should be inexpensive, easy to operate and provide a rage of effective ventilation models.

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