Warning Signs of Nicotine Usage in Teens

Nicotine is a dangerous drug which enters the body by the use of tobacco products. It reaches the brain within few seconds and changes its way of working. During early teenage, kids feel interested to try new things like smoking. With the pleasured feelings of tobacco, they get addicted to it. However, they may or may not know the harmful health effects of nicotine. Therefore, parents should check for the unhealthy habits of kids.

How is it possible to know whether your kid is using tobacco products? Here are some major warning signs which help you to indicate nicotine usage in your teens.

Smell of tobacco on their clothes and from their mouth is one of the primary indications. In addition, excessive and frequent tobacco usage, both smoking and chewing tobacco, can stain the teeth. The color of teeth changes from white to yellowish shade. The color may further turn to brown color if they use tobacco for a longer period of time. As they handle cigarettes and chewing gums, their fingers may also get stained. Discolored skin and teeth are the easy identification signs of nicotine usage. Chewing tobacco products can cause cracked lips, sores, white spots and bleeding in mouth. It may even cause difficulty in chewing, swallowing, or moving of the tongue or jaw. Tooth and gum decay problems also arise with nicotine use.

Smelling bad and bad breath is the other major indication of tobacco smoking. In addition, increased vulnerability to illness, decreased athletic performance, shortness of breath and asthma, premature skin aging, hair loss and hair discoloration, and decreased sense of smell and taste are some other warning signs of tobacco use. It is better to check and confirm the tobacco use in your teens when you observe some of these indications. Otherwise, the occasional usage may turn into a habit and even addiction which give rise to many health risks.