Facebook Reached 68% of European Internet Users

The number of Facebook users is consistently rising without any boundaries. Similar to most of the countries, it reached the highest percentage of users even in Europe. Comscore has released the data regarding the growth in EU5 countries, stating that UK is on the top of the list.

Facebook reached more than 90% of the European internet audience in the month of October, 2011. According to the report released by ComScore, Facebook is showing penetration across the five leading EU5 markets: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and UK.

Facebook ranked as the top social networking site with 68.4% users in Europe reaching nearly 7 in 10 Europeans online. It reached the EU5 markets individually with great number of users. Among the EU5, Spain showed the highest penetration for social networks with 98.2 percent reach and UK showed the highest penetration for Facebook with 80.4 percent reach.

A similar report released in November, showed that in France, nearly 33.7 million unique visitors spent 10.5 billion minutes on facebook in September 2011, making Facebook as the top social networking site. It also accounts for 9 of every 10 minutes spent on social networking during the same month. When compared to the past years the time spent has grown 28% in France.

In another report released by Comscore in July, Facebook accounted for 16 percent of all the time spent online, making it the leading site for engagement in UK during June, 2011.

These statistics show the growing interest of people towards Facebook from different parts of the world.