Facebook Dominates Social Websites in South East Asia

Facebook is now becoming popular in all parts of the world. It is gaining the attention of the youngsters as well as the older adults as it is keeping people updated about their friends statuses and it is also flexible to share photos and videos with fair enough levels of privacy.

The same popularity has been seen in the South East Asia with more than 50% of the internet users having an active profile on Facebook and hence is dominating the other social websites in that region.

According to the report released by Nielsen, a global information and measurement company, 91% of the Indonesian digital consumers are maintaining an active account on Facebook, making it highest across the region. Similarly, the percentage of people in Philippines is 81, in Malaysia it is 78, Singapore 77, and Thailand 56%.

The report also said that, Facebook is becoming popular not only as a means of sending messages and sharing information among the friends but also becoming popular in engaging with consumers. Since, social media platforms are offering good opportunities for different organizations to engage with their consumers, they are using it to influence the decision making process of many consumers.