Different Production Methods Used in Textile Making

Textile making is a huge process. It involves many steps which are complicated but sounds interesting. Since they are used extensively in each and every part of the world and by every individual it is more a necessity than a luxury. There are different methods which are involved in the production of various kinds of fabrics. Moving further will make you learn about those processes in detail.

Weaving: Weaving is the basic and the most oldest method used in the textile production. It is a creative task in which two different sets of yarns or threads are used to form a fabric. Traditionally weavers used to do this process with hands which is popularly called as hand weaving, however, now a days with the invent of latest technology most of the work is done using machines and computer designs.

Knitting: Knitting is another way of fabric weaving which is generally used for weaving woolen clothes like the sweaters, shawls and the scarfs. There are different types of techniques involved in knitting. The first ever thing that was made by knitting wool is a pair of socks in Egypt. Later, the art spread to many regions and formed different forms of clothing.

Spread Tow: This is one of the latest technologies which are used in fabric making. This technique involves weaving with tapes instead of tows. The fibers in this technique are made by their straightest way possible which makes the fabric more durable.

Braiding or Plaiting: This pattern is a bit difficult and involves a complex structure formed by three are more different yarns. This technique is commonly used to make ropes, decorative articles and can be followed in different hair styles.

Lace: Lace is most common and one of the familiar way, which involves different patterns made either by hand or machine. The work itself is called as a open work, which involves many open holes. This lace making is a very ancient craft.

These are few of the popular methods which are used in the production of different fabrics.