Ford Reported Its Strongest Financial Year with 2011 Net Income

Ford motor corporation reported its record level performance for 2011 in US, its reported 200% more income for 2011 than last year. Ford motors reported its strongest sales performance for last year and along with it all manufacturers in US also reported their positive sales growth.

US car users still continue their traditional car purchases. Last year sales in US was 13 million units. Mr. Peter Nesvold, Jefferies & Co analysts said, auto sales in US for 2011 was slow in initial stages but improved steadily to achieve the solid recovery at the end of the year.

Ford motors got big advantage from the benefits of tax allowances, pretax operating profits for 2011 was 8.8 billion dollars which is more 6% than last year’s. Once in a time high commodity prices in Europe dropped the quarter fourth performance but the various tax benefits of Ford boosted its sales.

Ford’s net income for 2011 was 20.2 billion dollars with 2.1 million vehicle sales with 11% sales growth than last year, it is the second US car sellers than the GM with 16.8% of US market share.