Mitsubishi Motors is Continuing its Sales Growth Since Thirteen Months

According to the MMNA (Mitsubishi Motors North America) reported that the Mitsubishi has made sales of 5,803 units for September, 2011 which is 17% more than the September, 2010 sales. Mitsubishi motors is continuously increasing its sales performance from September 2010 that means Mitsubishi is stabilizing its sales performance since thirteen months, Mitsubishi’s total cumulative sales for 2011 year is 65,875 units with the 59% sales growth which is more than the last year’s cumulative sales for same period.

The MMNA president has viewed that their models features such as styling, performance, fuel efficiency and sport utilities are interesting theWater pump car customers a lot. He further extended that they are launching an advertising campaign in the next month to promote sports car that they are launching for US customers.

The Mitsubishi Motors North America (MMNA) is responsible for all things like manufacturing, sales, finance, marketing operations in the US, Mitsubishi motors is selling its vehicles with the existing 400 dealers.