New Bentley Continental V8 Range will Debut at Detroit Motor Show in January,2012

Bentley car manufacturers are coming with new range of cars, they revealed that their new car is coming with continental V8 range. This V8 is powered by Volkswagen group with 4.0L twin turbo charged V8 engine. Bentley plant will be powered to both GT coupe and GTC convertible, which are to debut in Detroit motor show on January 9th 2012.

Chairman of Bentley motors said, we are coming with 4.0L V8 continental range which is helpful at widening our range. It is expected to give good exhilarating power and good performance. Continental V8 Range is technically developed and provide facilities like fuel efficiency and reduction of emission.

Bentley comes along with technically advanced features, this new continental car delivers output with 500 horsepower at 6,000rpm, and with 660nm torque which is available between 1700rpm to 4000rpm. Power is directed with four-wheels, the V8 engine comes with 8-speed automatic gear box and which accelerate 0-62mph in less than 5 seconds. This vehicle provides 290kmph top speed.

Bentley is developing this product by including the features of controlling the delivering percentage of carbon-di-oxide They have officially revealed that continental V8 range may come into the market in the early 2012.