All New 2012 Honda CR-V Models Come Cheaper in US

Japanese car makers are making their reentry with their new 2012 Honda CR-V model which went out of the market to undergo developments. This 2011 model is technically advanced to return into market as new Honda CR-V. They are coming in lower price ranges which is very comfortable to all car users. New 2012 CR-V models come with technical advancements.

They are providing both two wheel drive and four wheel drive facilities, which come in different price ranges. This new model comes with attractive exterior outlook, it comes with 2.4L, four-cylinder engine which is advanced in horse power (5hp more than the 2011 model).

This comes along with five-speed automatic transmission. Honda plans to attract all kind of car users and for that they are developing new CR-V with more fuel efficient capacities which also provides 28mpg on city roads and 31mpg on highways. This provides more driving security facilities too with six airbags, and comes with bluetooth and USB facilities.

They said in a press release that their new model is available in all Honda showrooms and distribution centers, and it is coming in low price than the previous one.