Mobile Banking Trend is Increasing in Smart Phone Users: Survey

Most of the smart phone users are intended to use their phone for mobile banking. ABI research market report has announced that 50% of the smart phone users are planning to use their devices for the mobile banking. In its survey of 2000 consumer technology users, ABI said that half the responding users already or will soon use their phones for the mobile banking. Around 53% of users intend to use mobile banking on their phones.

Half the smart phone mobile users have accessed mobile banking from their phone in the last 30 days, a February research 2011 on mobile banking adaption and satisfaction has revealed. According to the report by the global banking and payments technology company FIS, it is said that 76% of the US mobile banking users are satisfied in 2011 and 16% in 2010. The satisfaction percentage is increasing more in the smart phone user as compared to the other mobile users.

Further, the study also says that 57% of the US smart phone consumers have expressed interest in doing remote deposit functionality. According to the FIS reports, many smart phone users are using mobile banking for the services like accessing accounts, paying bills, depositing checks and making purchases.