Know the Latest Features in Today’s Mobile Phones

Nowadays every person is using the mobile for their communication purpose. People are using mobile for many services such as entertainment, to take pictures, for internet access, etc,. Present days many mobiles are coming with many wide features. Many new features have been added to mobile phones since the last decade. Now many mobile companies are offering many features, like Wi-Fi technology, HSDPA, mobile VoIP, touch screen, Qwerty keypad, video calling, USB port, Blue tooth technology, multimedia applications and operating systems. Generally many mobiles have GPRS, WAP, Digital camera and Multimedia options.

Let us know some details about these technologies

GPRS: GPRS stands for General Pocket Radio Service. It extends mobile data capabilities for the internet access, multimedia messaging services, wireless application protocol and other wire less data services.

Multimedia application: Multimedia application includes camera, music player, image viewer, video player. This features give entertainment for the mobile user.

Blue tooth: Blue tooth enables to transfer the data from one mobile to another mobile. For example: to transfer the photos, audio songs and video songs.

USB Portal: USB Portal helps to transfer the data from computer to mobile phone.

Qwerty keypad: This is special type of keypad, which is adapted for the latest mobiles. This keypad is designed based up on the computer keypad. This keypad gives flexibility for the user to type.

VoIP: It stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It enables the users to make voice call between the two mobiles through VoIP service( internet).

HSDPA: Stands for High Speed Down link Pocket Access. It is a third generation technology protocol service. Which is a faster data transfer service.

Wi-Fi: Wi Fi is a trade mark of wi fi alliance company. It is intended to improve the operating of wireless products. The application in mobile include internet and VoIP access, gaming and network connectivity for computer, laptop, and other MP3 players.

Video calling or 3G phones: This feature allows the user to make video call between the 3G mobiles.

Mobile phones are rapidly changing, as every day they are coming out with newest applications having advanced technology.