Five Things Your Visitors Want to Know about Your Website

When you create your website for online marketing to attract visitors or for growing website traffic, visitors want to know certain things about your website.

Following are five things your visitors want to know about your website.

1) Info about your business site: When visitors visit your website, they should exactly and clearly know what you do in your website. You should provide information on your business for which you should use limited number of words to convey your message. If they want to read more about your site, then you have to provide a link where detailed information is available.

2) Why people or visitors should be interested in you: When people know your site, they want to know whether you are trustworthy or believable because they want to buy from people they know, have interest and trust. Therefore, you have to provide your major achievements, where your articles are published. You have to give them persuasive reasons to listen to you.

3) What things are there for visitors and do they really work: People search website for getting solutions to their problems. Therefore, you should provide beneficial content which really solves their problems and this content should be related to visitors. You need to provide proof for them whether your services or products really work. To provide proof, you need to provide testimonials of previous and current clients. These testimonials will boost your credibility, generate leads, and aid in maximizing your online exposure.

4) How it works: You don’t need to tell the entire secret of how your products work, you should provide high level information so that visitors can take quick decision.

5) Risks and how to overcome them: Whatever product/service you are providing, you should be very confident about them. Offering a warranty will provide comfort and help your visitors manage their risks. You should also provide the next action to be taken if visitors face any risks.