Know Ideas for Wedding Car Decoration

There are a varieties of ways to decorate the wedding car, for which you will need to buy tulle, silk or real flowers, silk ribbon or else you can do with the help of balloons as per your choice so if you want to do with the balloons, choose some balloons of heart shape and also some balloons of normal shape and match it with the wedding theme. The heart shape balloons should be in red color or if you want to decorate with the floral, you can use the flowers which should match the theme of the wedding.

Decorate the bridal car well because it is the important thing in the wedding as the bride should travel from the home to the wedding venue and also the car should take the groom to the wedding venue.

Decoration with flowers:
Wedding car decoration without flowers is incomplete, choose, therefore the flowers that should match your wedding theme or else hire a wedding car decorator and discuss about the wedding theme. The floral decoration should be done by single flowers or by using a bunch of flowers like making the wreath or bouquet.

Decoration with the balloons:
Choose a balloon whose color matches the wedding theme and also choose some or two red balloons of heart shape.

Decorate with Netted cloth:
The netted cloth also looks good on the wedding car decoration. So use the strips of the netted cloth to produce the decoration. So choose the netted cloth that matches the theme of your wedding. If you want to increase the design option, use multiple netted cloths to decorate the wedding car.

Decoration with Satin Ribbons:
These satin ribbons look good and beautiful with the flowers. Choose, therefore, the ribbons according to the flowers colors and these satin ribbons are famous for car decoration accessories.

Decorate with Just Marriage Signage:
You can get different shapes and sizes of the “Just Married” sign done in, but many choose people heart shape.

If you want, you can decorate your wedding car with small teddy bears of couple and the bride gown should match the theme of the wedding for which you need to order for or do with your own. Thus, the doll is so precious with the car. That pair of the dolls is arranged center of the floral arrangements.

Choose the best that suits your wedding and decorate your car according to your choice on your wedding.