Yoga Diet-Follow this Diet While You are Practicing Yoga

The level of development, mental and spiritual is reflected in the kind of food we have selected to eat and our stage of consciousness is revealed in the nature of that chosen food. Sattvic or a pure vegetarian food is advised by Yoga and Ayurveda. It is believed that the pure vegetarian diet encourages the development of the higher qualities of the peace, love and spiritual awareness.

However, diet plays an important role in yogic lifestyle. Healthy food habits could condition the body and the mind, inversely also certain physiological and psychological states could create an appetite for certain foods. Yoga diet has been proven over thousands of years to build strong bodies and minds.

The Sattvic diet is grown naturally, on good soils, ripened naturally, and with the help of the right attitude of love and does not involve any killing or harming of animals. Taking Sattvic diet helps in the development of Prana or vital energy and spiritual consciousness. The main goal of a Yogic diet is for development of air and ether elements which are best suited not only for detoxification of the body but also for widening the parameters of our mind.

The diet should have a well-balanced-diet and always be eat in moderation. The one who wants to benefit from Yoga should include the Sattvic diet- cereals, wholemeal bread, fresh fruits and vegetables, pure fruit juices, milk, nuts, legumes, sprouted seeds, herbs and honey etc. Make sure that whatever you are taking food, you should get proper nutrients to your body. Following these diets will not only help you to lose weight but also it improves your health.