Website Designing Tips for Auto Dealership

Website is an identity for every business. It is the primary source for the digital marketing campaigns. People find about the auto dealership details from different sources, they first check the website for clear details. So website is very important for an auto dealership. It should be feel good experience to the visitors, and search engine friendly for more visitors. Then the reputation of the dealership will increase before the customer visits you directly. Now we will see some of the important website designing tips for the auto dealership.

  • Proper placing of keywords: Keywords are very important for an auto dealership website to attract the targeted customers with proper search engine optimization of the website. If you are using the wrong keywords for you dealership website, the target market and the search engines will never find your business. The keywords placing process includes the following steps.
    • Prepare a list of potential keywords – words or terms that are relevant and not excessively used.
    • Enter the potential keywords into a keyword research tool (like Wordstream, Wordtracker, Google Adwords Keyword tool).
    • Finalize the keyword list with the research results (create a list of both targeted keywords and broad keywords).
    • Prepare those keywords for launch. Typically place 3 to 4 related keywords per page. The best places to keep the keywords are:
      • File or folder names, URL’s, footer links, internal links, main website copy, title attribute on links, alt texts, bullet points, H1, H2 and H3 tags, breadcrumb trails, navigation, website slogans, meta descriptions and title tag.
  • SEO friendly navigation: Search engine friendly navigation means to make the website as to understand the search engines. One of the major issue is, people use images instead of texts in websites in navigation links. The search engines can not understand the images texts. The buttons are also not readable by the search engines. So as much as possible use text instead of images and buttons.
  • Images: The auto dealership websites images need to be optimized for search engine visibility and faster loading of pages. Try to keep the image file size as small as possible. It helps the mobile visitors to load the page faster. Try to keep the image resolution 72dpi and the size between 30kb to 100kb.
  • Social media integration: Social media is playing a prominent role in the present days. It will help your dealership firm to gain credibility and build as a trusted community. Integrate the social media websites based on your target customer base. If your target is the young people try with Facebook, if professionals LinkedIn, mostly concentrate on the local area with any type of demographic. Do some research based on the targeted demographics in the social media website.

Concentrate on the optimizing of HTML code for your website. Because it has importance in the search engine algorithms.