How to Decorate Chairs at Home for Your Wedding

For every wedding the chairs play key role in making your guests welcome truly. There are many ways to decorate the chairs covering with clothing and can decorate without covering.

Here are some of the tips to decorate the chairs at home on the occasion of wedding. The first thing you need to do is pick up the theme, venue and the color scheme. It is better if you select the readily available materials.

If you don’t have enough budget to spend for all the chairs, cut the bows of equal size and take equal count and tie on every second or third or on the fourth chair or you can make the chair more attractive by tying the two colors for one chair instead of the traditional bows you can tie them to the chairs with unique knots or in the dramatic diagonal sweep.

You can tie the flower with water tube and a piece of greenery and tie up with a loopy bow against the chair. The stretch chair can be covered with the while silky cloth and for which you can tie chair sash or chair band it will also look good and beautiful.

You can also use colorful pillows to decorate your chairs. So use small pillows to decorate the chairs and that should be covered with fabrics to match your theme. For the look of refined elegance you can drape satin ribbons and also the long strands of pearls on the back side of the chair.

These are some of the ways to decorate the chairs on your wedding, hope you will pick up one of the best among them and use for your wedding.