Best Places to Work for Job Seekers in Canada

Canada is a large country with diverse geographical attributes with many different municipalities and provinces which make the Canadian experience widely different depending on where you live in and work. In this article a list of few cities to work in Canada for the year 2015 have been mentioned in brief.

List of best cities to work in Canada

  • web hosting companies CanadaToronto: Toronto tops the global ranking for quality living for the Americans with best infrastructure, good air quality, low health and crime risks and good medical facilities.
    • It has huge industries in services including advertising, accounting and law.
  • Ottowa: It is one best city to work in Canada with its economy being from two major sectors like federal government and technology.
    • These two sectors make up to 37% of the city’s total gross domestic product.
  • Vancouver: Vancouver ranked ninth in the world in 2012 on the start up ecosystem report.
    • It also has the third largest film industry in northern America.
  • Montreal: Economy of Montreal is highly diversified.
    • Few major industries include electronic goods, engineering, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, research and development and finance.
  • Calgary: It is located in Alberta and can be ideal location for people seeking employment in the oil sands in the northern region.
    • It is one of the rapidly growing city with plenty of jobs.
  • Regina: It is located in Saskatchewan with the city’s economy being from potash, oil natural gas and compounds of sodium.
  • Winnipeg: Located in western Canada, Winnipeg ranked as one of the cheapest places for doing business.
    • Leading industries include manufacturing, finance and transportation which contributes demand for work force.
  • Saskatoon: One best place to opt for employment.
    • The rapid growth of the city experienced in last few years increased the job opportunities.
  • Nanaimo: Being a smaller city it offers less competition for demand and work in healthcare industry.

Other few best places to work in Canada are as follow:

  • Richmond Hill, Ont.
  • Waterloo
  • Coquitlam
  • Edmonton
  • Halifax
  • Markham, Ont.
  • St. John’s
  • Burnaby etc.

The cities are ranked best due to reasons concerning to the standard of living and the employment opportunities they provide for job seekers.